Growing Forward 2 - Organizations and Collaborations

NOTICE:  Growing Forward 2 (GF2) is in its third year, and the ministry is committed to continuous improvement to reflect client and program needs.

The next Implementation and Capacity Building intake deadline for organizations and collaborations closes April 23, 2015.

NEW program guides and application forms for organizations and collaborations will be posted in spring 2015, along with new intake dates. Please continue to use Version 3 of the program guides and application forms until April 23, 2015.


Ontario organizations and collaborations can apply for funding assistance through Growing Forward 2 (GF2). GF2 is a comprehensive federal-provincial-territorial initiative aimed at encouraging innovation, competitiveness and market development in Canada's agri-food and agri-products sector.

Organizations and Collaborations can apply for Capacity Building and/or Project Implementation funding through GF2. Prior to completing an application, determine:

1. Are you eligible as an Organization or Collaboration? 



Organizations are any not-for-profit, Ontario-based, legally recognized entity involved in the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector capable of entering into a contract, including, but not limited to: associations; marketing boards; and aboriginal groups. Organizations must have a membership comprised primarily of Ontario residents.

Collaborations are combinations of two or more legally recognized for-profit businesses and/or non-profit associations/organizations, and/or academic/research institutions in the agriculture, agri-food, agri-products sector, primarily located in Ontario.

Collaborations must identify a lead applicant and all collaboration members must enroll in the GF2 Client Portal. The lead applicant and all collaboration members must be actively and directly engaged in the project and have a vested interest (i.e. financial investment, resources provided, etc.) in the project.

2. Are you applying for Capacity Building or Project Implementation funding assistance?
(Applicants are encouraged to complete Capacity Building projects prior to applying for Project Implementation funding assistance.)





Capacity building through strategic planning, training, audits or assessments

Project implementation that focuses on the environment and climate change, animal and plant health, market development, labour productivity enhancement, assurance systems, and business and leadership development

Cost Share

75% of total project costs

50 up to 75% of total project costs

In Kind Contributions

Not eligible

Eligible (cannot exceed 15% of the total project costs)

More Information

Capacity Building Program Guide

Project Implementation Program Guide


3. Does your project align with one or more of the following six focus areas of GF2?

1. Environment and Climate Change Adaptation
2. Animal and Plant Health
3. Market Development
4. Labour Productivity Enhancement
5. Assurance Systems (Food Safety, Traceability and Animal Welfare)
6. Business and Leadership Development
*Research and Innovation is a component/consideration in all areas of focus.

4. Are you ready to apply?

1.  Read the Program Guides

2.  Talk to an AAC Program Coordinator to discuss your project idea 

3.  Submit a pre-proposal - staff feedback within 5-10 business days

4.  Enroll in the Growing Forward 2 Portal

5.  Complete the application form

6. Contract and Reporting


To find out more about what GF2 offers to producers, and to food and agri-products processors, please visit: www.ontario.ca/growingforward2.


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