Frequently Asked Questions - GF2


What is considered a communications product/piece?

Where do I submit my materials for review?

After my materials have been distributed, will the AAC share my materials?

What are the communications requirements for GF2 applicants?

How long will my approval take?

Where do I access the logos, tag line, etc.?

Am I required to produce French versions of my communications materials?

Is it appropriate to tag @adaptcouncil on Twitter?



Additional Questions? Contact:

Where can I find my project forecast?

How do I know what activities fit within a fiscal year?

What if my work is performed in March, but I get invoiced in April or May?

How long do I have to submit expenses from the previous fiscal year?

How much funding can I access each year of my project?


How often can I submit a project claim?

How do I submit my claim?

What does the spreadsheet received with my claim payment mean?


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